同年に初の武道館ワンマンショー を開催。

2023年1月に最新フルアルバム『タオルケットは穏やかな』、3月に弾き語りアルバム『タオルケットは穏やかな ひとりでに』を発売。
「カネコアヤノ Hall Tour 2023 “タオルケットは穏やかな”」を開催。

Japanese singer-songwriter.
She performs alone on stage, singing and playing the guitar, or with a backing band.

In April 2016, she released her first work “hug”, and in September 2017 her first vinyl “Muretachi”.
Her album “Shukusai”, released in 2018, won the CD Shop Awards 2019 -11th edition- .
“Sansan”, released in 2019, won the Grand Prize of the CD Shop Awards 2020 -12th edition-.
In 2021, she released her new album “Yosuga”, as well as a vocal/guitar recording of the same opus,
titled “Yosuga Hitori de ni” (“Yosuga alone”).
The album “Yosuga” won the CD Shop Awards 2022-14th edition- .
Her first performance at the Nippon Budokan in November 2021,
“Kaneko Ayano Nippon Budokan One-Man Show 2021,” was sold out.

In 2023,she released her new album “A towel blanket is peaceful”, as well as a vocal/guitar recording
of the same opus, titled “A towel blanket is peaceful Hitori de ni” (“A towel blanket is peaceful. alone”).
She held “Kaneko Ayano Yaon One-man Show 2023” at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall
and Osaka Castle Open-Air Concert Hall in July. (Tickets are sold out.)

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